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When safety, time and money matter…

FatIvan® is the World's Only Fold Up Door Chock! A perfect tool for Emergency Services, Commerical, Residential, Industrial, Hotel/Motel and all deliveries. FatIvan's® safe, secure design never slips off hinge or comes out accidentally.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services


Fat Ivan Door Chock

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Safety is in our DNA

Firefighters can’t have doors close putting them in life-threatening situations. They’re tired of carrying wooden wedges that rarely work and having ‘angle iron’ tear up their firefighting gear.

They need and want a door chock that will work “Now” on any standard door hinge; then, when finished with their job, remove and fold it up for easy storage, with no fire gear damage.

FatIvan® proves it’s merit in many fields including Emergency Services, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Hotel/Motel, and all Deliveries.

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