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The Original FatIvan®

The Original FatIvan® Door ChockThe Original FatIvan® was designed for Firefighters. Firefighters cannot have doors close behind them.  They have to have a tool they can count on to keep a door open when things get hot!  The Original FatIvan® is counted on around the globe to be the tool to keep doors open.

Once other industries such as Moving and Hotel Maintenance saw how great FatIvan® tools worked they started ordering!  Now everyone from Revel Casino in Atlantic City to Coca-Cola Corporation are using FatIvan tools!

The one-handed operation opens quickly for easy insertion and never slips off hinge, guaranteed.  Just place FatIvan® on any hinge, top, middle or bottom; then let it go and walk right through.

FatIvan® folds up quickly and stores in any space.  You can also attach it to any metal surface with the embedded magnets.


FatIvan® Junior

FatIvan® Junior Door Chock The FatIvan® Jr. was designed to give every  residential homeowner the opportunity to have a cost-effective tool to use around the house. With its embedded magnet you can store your FatIvan® Jr. right on the door where you will be using it.


Now, whenever you come home with a load of groceries all you have to do is take your FatIvan® Jr. off the door and hang it over the most convenient hinge you can reach.  Holds a door open at approximately 80 degrees. 


When you are finished using you FatIvan tool, simply lift it up and off the hinge, then magnetize it in a convenient location.  Your FatIvan tool will be ready and waiting for you right where you need it! 


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