Original FatIvan® Fold-Up Door Stopper:

Does the hook come out on its’ own?

  • When opened the hook centers itself allowing for a one hand installation

What are the side pieces made of?

  • The wings are made of fiberglass embedded nylon 6-6,

Is a FatIvan strong? What is the Heat Rating?

  • They are very strong and heat rated at 500° for 9+ minutes

What is the hook made from?

  • The 1/4" solid steel hook is case hardened and zinc plated
  • The hook is locked in with a zinc plated pin

What type of hinge does a FatIvan work on?

  • The hook easily slips over any standard hinge

Is the tape reflective?

  • The tape is reflective and can easily be seen in a smoky environment when hit with a light

Do FatIvan tools have magnets?

  • Yes, under the clear tape are two rare earth magnets that allow for convenient storage at the point of use.

How much does a FatIvan weigh?

  • It weighs only 5 oz.

Will a FatIvan tool rust?

  • No, all metal parts are zinc plated which makes the entire tool corrosion resistant.

How big is a FatIvan tool?

  • The tool is sized to the same length of a standard hinge, approximately 4”x4” when open and a compact 4”x2”x1” when folded up.

Will a FatIvan tool hurt my door?

  • Unlike other door chocks on the market the FatIvan does no damage to the door finish, but you must also exercise common sense when using your FatIvan.  Do Not try to push against the door with a FatIvan installed. Do Not use during heavy winds.  Just like any tool, there is a proper way to use it. Be smart, be gentle, use common sense.

Where are FatIvan tools made?

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA

Do FatIvan tools have a warranty?

  • Yes, we offer a full five year warranty.  If you manage to break it, we’ll replace it.
  • We can mold in special colors for large orders
  • We provide full replacement for all warranty issues


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