FatIvan® For Work

FatIvan® proves useful in any Industry or Occupation where it is necessary to temporarily hold open a door. With its’ fold up design you will be able to easily carry FatIvan® in your pocket, in your toolbox, or on your cleaning cart.


When ready to use simply unfold FatIvan®, open the door and slip FatIvan® over any hinge; the top, the middle, the bottom, it doesn’t matter. FatIvan® will work on them all! Just fully insert FatIvan® over the hinge then let go and walk on through.


Keep your FatIvan® magnetized to any metal surface for easy storage with its embedded magnets. The magnets even allow you to keep a door open only partially by enabling you to magnetize FatIvan® directly to the hinge thereby letting the door close just a little more. FatIvan® is versatile, functional, durable and safe. Safety is in our DNA.


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