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FatIvan® Junior
The newest tool from NEWCAL, LLC. FatIvan® Junior is a smaller version of the Original FatIvan. This is the perfect product for Residential use. FatIvan® Junior will guarantee the door stays open. Its' simple design hangs over the inside of a door hinge to prop a door wide open. Then when finished using simply magnetize the tool to your door, door frame, tool box, wherever you will need it. No more looking through the junk drawer or tripping over a brick you have been using to prop the door open. Being magnetized guarantees your FatIvan® Junior will be there when you need it. Made in the USA.
Fat Ivan
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Inventory Information

Unit Price Min Max Available
Each Tiered 1 0 89
1 - 24 Each $11.95 Each
25 - 49 Each $11.45 Each
50+ Each $10.95 Each